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Business improvement with Lean Six Sigma

For the business leader who wants to increase profitability the Finngrowth Lean Six Sigma improvement program provides a certified solution that will increase productivity and decrease costs. Unlike basic Lean projects a Lean Six Sigma project facilitated by Finngrowths' sertified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt facilitator generates measurable and permanent improvements.

Lean Six Lean Six Sigma is a methodology that relies on a collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste; combining lean manufacturing and/or lean enterprise and Six Sigma to eliminate the eight kinds of waste: Defects, Over production, Waiting, Non-utilisation of resources, Transport, Inventory, Motion, and Excess processing. Lean Six Sigma provides the tools and methods to separate the vital few from the useful many improvement objects. It further provides for methods to measure and control the improvements to make the change permament.

Finngrowth provides Black Belt level Lean Six Sigma facilitation and consulting. We will train your own team to improve your operations and profitability. With our consulting you will find the critical improvement projects that will have the highest leverage when improving your business.

Competence portfolio

  • Definition of improvement target
  • Ensuring correct information is available from the systesm
  • Analysing current state and identifying key improvement areas
  • Improving business operations with Lean tools
  • Setting up control mechanisms to make improvements permanent

Contact information

Timo Sivula, M.Sc, ICBB, HHJ

Sienitie 18, 67700 KOKKOLA FINLAND


+358 45 624 5150

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