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Business Improvement with Lean Six Sigma

For the business leader who wants to increase profitability the Finngrowth Lean Six Sigma improvement program provides a certified solution that will increase productivity and decrease costs. Unlike basic Lean projects a Lean Six Sigma project facilitated by Finngrowths' sertified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt facilitator generates measurable and permanent improvements.

Facilitation of strategy processes

International experience at your disposal for exactly as long as you need. Your strategy is analysed by external and neutral eyes. This will open new points of view and generate ideas outside your own comfort zone. We will arrange the process development for you. We will take care of the strategy process from start to completion in a jointly agreed way.

Business- and product development planning

You will get access to an external and neutral view of your ideas. You will minimise the resources required to produce information for product decisions. You will get a tailor made development process if you choose to seize the day with your idea. We will make sure your project management achieves its set targets.

Management consulting and change management

We provide you with an outside view to the bottlenecks of your processes. Your processes are improved and your budgets become more robust. You get access to an external change manager for the required time.

Brainstorm facilitation

We facilitate your brainstorms and workshops. A neutral chairman will chair your problem solving negotiations. In a planning session an external chairman ensures a neutral handling and releases the operative management to participate in the work group. An external facilitator can in many cases manage to catalyse surprisingly fresh ideas from a very familiar group.

Mergers and aquisitions

With suitable financing instruments you can speed up the growth of your company and ensure success. We assist you to get financing from suitable sources to meet your needs, and if needed, we can bring expertise and contact network from the investors. Financing can be private equity or we can help you to get financing from the public side, depending on your situation and needs.

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Most SMEs strive to minimize management overhead to ensure a healthy cost structure. Often the workload of the managing director and board chairman is very high and there is little slack or support for long term planning. The working hours are used to solve operative, important and urgent issues.

In the midst of a hectic business the priority order of tasks is often changed in a way that does not serve the company in the best way. Urgent and important issues are solved immediately and so are also other urgent issues. Non important matters get precedence over important long term issues which, are moved to a future when there supposedly is more time. This leads in many cases to a situation where strategic thinking and long term planning does not play a significant role in the SME culture. A weak or missing strategy or weak strategy execution can be a significant reason for slow growth or low profitability.

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