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Facilitation of strategy

International experience at your disposal for exactly as long as you need. Your strategy is analysed by external and neutral eyes. This will open new points of view and generate ideas outside your own comfort zone.

We will arrange the process development for you. We will take care of the strategy process from start to completion in a jointly agreed way. Alternatively we can help you in selected areas chosen by you.

Subcontracting the workshop facilitation frees the acting management to focus on the matter at hand, i.e. development of a creative strategy as a part of the strategy team. You can focus on the creative work and the result is improved.

Competence Portfolio

  • Process definition
  • Project planning and management
  • Facilitation of brainstorm workshops
  • Strategy calendar planning
  • Current state analysis
  • Mission definition
  • Vision definition
  • Definition of the Strategic Intent
  • Competitive state analysis
  • Strategy area selection
  • Risk analyses
  • Action planning
  • Organisation planning
  • Finance planning
  • Budgeting
  • Communication planning
  • Execution planning
  • Management training
  • Documentation

Contact information

Timo Sivula, M.Sc, ICBB, HHJ

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+358 45 624 5150

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